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Using our extensive knowledge and understanding of equipment we offer a range of orange juice machines & multi juicers that are not only powerful, robust, reliable and efficient, but also varied enough to meet the needs and demands of any catering outlet. From our compact counter-top units & chilled/frozen juice dispensers to our large freestanding models, we have the right commercial juicer for your site and application.

Our orange juicers are visually impacting, being made from stainless steel and allowing you to see the fruit being cut, squeezed and transformed into fresh orange juice. By having these beautiful machines on display in full view, demand for fresh juice is increased.

A range of commercial orange juicing machinesOur range includes counter top units, as well as cabinet mounted, free standing machines for heavy users, which include an integral waste bin within the cabinet.

Our commercial juicers are backed up by the highest level of after sales care and support, including onsite maintenance & repair. We can offer rental & leasing deals on our machines if required.

Why Freshly Squeezed Juice?

  • Consumers are pursuing healthier lifestyles
  • Growing demand for purer, natural, vitamin-rich and healthy foods
  • Raised awareness of unhealthy, artificial additives and harmful preserving processes
  • Huge growth in bottled water and pure juice drinks market
  • Real freshly squeezed juice is the ultimate health drink
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Builds resistance to infection
  • Helps prevent and treat the common cold
  • Acts as a major antioxidant

How it works

The innovative squeezing system ensures that the peel is not crushed during the squeezing process, but separated from the flesh, eliminating the risk of contamination and producing the best quality, best tasting, vitamin rich juice.

About Esporange

With over 25 years experience in the catering and soft beverage industries we have the in-depth knowledge and expertise to provide the right equipment and the quality back up service, support and advice needed for on site juicing.

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