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Welcome to Esporange

Esporange specialise in nutritious and delicious beverages, all made fresh to order in your establishment. We sell frozen pre-portioned smoothie packs, and also supply orange juicers (together with juicing oranges) to London’s eateries.


Our 140g pre-portioned frozen fruit packs are Individually Quick Frozen, or IQF. Unlike pasteurisation or other harmful preserving processes, tests have shown that this flash freezing process ensures that the better part of the vitamins, antioxidants and fibres of the natural product are preserved. Moreover, fruits can be picked at their absolute ripest, and therefore with optimum health benefits, without fear of over spoling. Our fruit is sourced worldwide to ensure a consistent supply of the best quality and nutritional product.

Juicing oranges

Did you know there are oranges for eating and specific oranges for juicing (and even oranges for marmalade only)? Juicing oranges have a thin peel and high juice yield, while an eating orange has a thicker skin, is easier to peel and is high in fibre but low in juice yield. We only supply juicing oranges, all year round, to complement our orange juicers. We strive to source fruit with the best flavour profile for your customers, and best yield for your profits.

Free on loan

We supply top quality (and expensive!) commercial juicing and blending equipment, completely free of charge, on the understanding that the accompanying fruit is supplied solely by us. That includes free delivery, installation, staff training, repairs, spare parts and maintenance. At Esporange our back up service is second to none.

“Great service, profitable smoothies and freshly squeezed orange juice. Prompt delivery and fantastic maintenance support.”
Jack. Proprietor, Jack’s Diner, Queens Park.
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